Why choose Masterweld torches?

TOP 10 Reasons to buy from Masterweld

10.  TIG Torches with soft seat valves that will never seize or leak.
 9.  MIG guns available as Tweco, Bernard, Tregaskis and Miller styles and all parts are interchangeable with       originals.
 8.  TIG Torches come ready to weld with nozzle, collet and tungsten.
 7.  Custom MIG torches. You choose style, length and feeder connection.
 6.  All water cooled and two piece TIG torches have factory installed cable covers, included at no extra charge.
 5.  Custom MIG torches and TIG guns are shipped within 24 hours.
 4.  Manufactured in the USA.
 3.  Combine with Inweld or HI-Alloy for prepaid freight.
 2.  Available only through distributors. No direct sales.
 1.  Very competitive pricing with high margin capability that lets YOU make money!